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Sim Card SMS Retrieval

Mobile phone sim card deleted phonebook lost addresses recovery software recovers corrupted contact
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25 October 2006

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Mobile phone sim card deleted phonebook directory, address book directory, lost SMS retrieval software retrieve corrupted contact names, contact numbers. Restore message sender name and number, inbox, outbox, sent items, draft, text messages. Recover read and unread messages, ICC-ID (identification number) of GSM technology based mobile phones simcards. Fetch formatted SMSs (short message service). Utility support different versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, 2000, 98, NT, XP media center 2005, 2003, ME and require phoenix type USB sim card reader reads the sim card through scanning. Software is read only, non destructive and also gives user compatible environment to work by providing GUI (graphical user interface). Tool provides full backup of sim card memory. Data Doctor simcard data recovery software provide the print facility to print the detailed report of recovered documents and information. Software works well only when sim card is not locked and does not required authorization code or PIN code. Feature: * Software support Windows operating systems such as Windows XP media center 2005, XP, 2000, 2003, 98, ME, NT. * Tool recover deleted SMSs, outbox, draft, inbox, sent items and text message also retrieve read and unread messages. * Software is read only, provides user friendly GUI (graphical user interface) and also non destructive. * Software shows ICC-ID (identification number) of mobile phone sim card. * Tool support GSM technology based SIM (subscriber identity module) card for data retrieval. * Utility fetches the deleted contact names, contact numbers and message sender name and number. * Data Doctor sim card recovery tool gives print facility.

User comments

Raymond Scullion
Useless Software- look elsewhere. Tries everything to get it to work but for me definitely did not do what I thought it would.
1. Check if the SMS tha you want to recover is actually saved on the SIM. Often times they are saved on the phone.
2. This software requires a special "phoenix type card reader". I bought the software and now I am stuck because I cannot get the right SIM reader. So far, no luck with 2 different readers.
On the positive end: If you complain, you get a quick answer (if the other end likes your question - question, that are not favourable get simply ignored, i.e extremely unprofessional).
I got a link for an asian manufacturere that supposedly manufacturs the reader that I need. There is however nothing on ther webpage relating to a that specific type of reader.

I wasetd a lot of money with this webpage and did get nothing out of it.
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